Is there Grab in Phuket?

by Mama Loves Phuket

Southeast Asian ride-sharing app Grab is a popular choice for hailing licensed “green plate” taxis in Phuket.

These are taxis that do not operate with a meter. However, instead of needing to negotiate with a driver, similar to Uber your fare is predetermined for you, and the price you pay may vary based on demand.

Generally speaking, these fares are very close to what you’ll pay at taxi stands; however, with the online convenience of using the app, your fare is locked in, and you do not need cash as everything is paid online.

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Alternatives to Grab in Phuket

There are actually half a dozen applications that are certified for use by the Department of Land Transport in Phuket; these include:

Notably, not yet certified in Phuket are Bolt and InDriver. This situation may change.

Features We Like About Grab in Phuket

Once set up with your contact details and a debit or credit card, and your mobile data sorted in Phuket this is very straightforward of ordering a ride anywhere in Phuket.

  • As you would in most ride-sharing apps, you enter your start and end location, and it will give you a number of options for different vehicle types.
  • Select your vehicle type, and you will be instantly allocated a nearby driver with a time estimate of how long until they will arrive and their plate registration.
example of a grab booking in ohuket
  • Although you will most likely set your app in English, your driver may respond in Thai; don’t panic; there is an in-built translation function!
  • We like that you can add emergency contact details – often travelling alone or as a solo mum, this gives me additional peace of mind.
  • Additionally, you can use Grab for food deliveries and even courier services – something we found very useful while setting up our condo in Phuket!
  • Whilst tipping is by no means compulsory, if your driver did a good job or did something above and beyond, you can add a tip after your journey.

See all our favourite apps you’ll want downloaded in Phuket here!

Overall, Grab is one of the safest and most efficient ways of arranging your transportation needs in Phuket. It may not always be the cheapest form of transport but it takes away the stress of curb-side negotiations and makes point-to-point-point transit within Phuket easy for a family.

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