Best Apps For Phuket – Download These Before You Travel

by Mama Loves Phuket

Embark on a seamless journey to Phuket with our handpicked selection of essential apps, designed to enhance your experience in this tropical paradise.

Whether you’re navigating the vibrant streets and need a lift, looking to savour some local cuisine, or exploring breathtaking beaches, these apps will be your ultimate travel companions. Perfect for first-timers and seasoned travellers alike, download these tools to unlock the full potential of your Phuket adventure.

We talk more about the best type of SIM to stay connected on your trip to Phuket over here.

Travel Planning Apps For Phuket

Thai Airways: If you are flying to Thailand with Thai Airways, their app can help you manage your bookings, check-in online, and access flight information. (Google Play)

XE Currency: This app allows you to quickly convert your home currency to Thai Baht and vice versa, helping you keep track of your expenses during your trip. (Google Play)

Agoda: Agoda is a popular hotel booking app in Southeast Asia, offering a wide range of accommodation options in Thailand, from budget hostels to luxury resorts. (Google Play)

Weather app: Thailand’s climate can vary widely depending on the region and time of year, and even within a few hours, so a weather app can help you plan your activities accordingly. (Google Play)

AirVisual: This is not so much of an issue in Phuket, but if you’re travelling to Bangkok, you’ll find this app handy. AirVisual is an app that provides real-time air quality data for cities in Thailand, helping you plan your outdoor activities and avoid pollution hotspots. (Google Play)

Communications in Phuket

Staying in touch with loved ones, communicating with tour guides or tackling your shopping trip in a foreign language, make sure to have these apps ready on your smartphone.

Line: Line is a messaging app that is widely used in Thailand. It allows you to stay in touch with locals and other travellers and also make voice and video calls. (Google Play)

Thai language learning apps: There are several apps available to help you learn basic Thai phrases, such as HelloTalk, Duolingo, and ThaiPod101. (Google Play)

Thai English translator: From reading signs to navigating the grocery store, despite much signage and communication being in English for the benefit of tourists, you will find yourself using this translation app multiple times per day in Phuket (Google Play)

The Thaiger: A comprehensive news app for Thailand. Stay up to date with breaking news, videos, commentary and weather reports to keep in touch with what’s happening locally (Google Play)

Attractions in Phuket

TripAdvisor: This well-renowned app provides reviews and recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and attractions in Thailand; easily check out third-party opinions before your visit. (Google Play)

Klook: Klook is a travel booking app that allows you to book tickets and activities for popular attractions in Thailand, including theme parks, tours, and experiences (open cheaper than other providers and at the gate). (Google Play)

Andamanda: If you will be heading to the giant water park Andamanda, you will definitely want to plan out your day via their app, from ticket purchasing without the queues to paying for your incidentals (Google Play)

Getting Around Phuket & Planning Your Days

There are several apps that are specifically designed for travellers in Phuket. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Phuket Airport Guide: This app provides information about Phuket International Airport’s arrivals, departures, and flight schedules. It also includes a map of the airport and information about transportation options. (Google Play)

Google Maps: This is a must-have app for any traveller, as it provides accurate maps and directions for navigating your way around Thailand. (Google Play)

Grab: Grab is a ride-hailing app popular in Thailand. It allows you to book taxis, motorbikes, and private cars easily and quickly. (Google Play)

Bolt: A rideshare app similar to Uber (which you cannot get in Thailand) for setting a price and pick-up point for your journey; it can also be used to book a regular taxi. (Google Play)

Indrive: Different to the usual rideshare apps that set your pricing, InDrive allows passengers and drivers to negotiate their fares with peer-to-peer pricing (Google Play)

CABB: A premium taxi service option in Phuket that offers privacy and surety using their fleet of London-style cabs

Phuket Travel Guide: This app provides information about attractions, restaurants, and hotels in Phuket. It includes reviews and recommendations from other travellers, as well as maps and directions. (Google Play)

Phuket Offline Map and Travel Guide: This app provides an offline map of Phuket, which means you can access it even without an internet connection. It also includes information about attractions, restaurants, and hotels, as well as reviews and recommendations from other travellers.

Best Grocery & Shopping Apps in Phuket

If you’re looking to order food or arrange deliveries in Thailand, here are some useful apps:

GrabFood: GrabFood is a popular food delivery app in Thailand that allows you to order food from a wide range of restaurants and cafes. It offers a range of cuisines, including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Western. (Google Play)

Foodpanda: Foodpanda is another popular food delivery app that operates in Thailand. It offers a wide range of cuisines, from local Thai food to international fast food chains. (Google Play)

HappyCow: If you are a vegetarian or vegan, HappyCow can help you find vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Thailand. (Google Play)

Wongnai: Wongnai is a popular food and restaurant review app that provides recommendations and reviews for restaurants and street food stalls in Thailand. It also offers promotions and discounts. (Google Play)

Line Man: Line Man is a delivery app that allows you to order food, groceries, and other items from a variety of stores and restaurants. It also offers services such as laundry, cleaning, and courier delivery (It’s now a legal ride-share app too!) (Google Play)

Robinhood: Robinhood is a delivery app that specializes in grocery and convenience store deliveries in Thailand. It offers a wide range of products, including fresh produce, snacks, and household essentials. (Google Play)

HappyFresh: HappyFresh is a grocery delivery app that allows you to order fresh produce, meat, and other items from local supermarkets in Thailand. It offers same-day delivery and accepts cash on delivery. (Google Play)

Lazada: Lazada is an online shopping app that offers a wide range of products, including groceries and household essentials. It partners with local stores and supermarkets to offer fast and reliable deliveries across Thailand. (Google Play)

Shopee: Shopee is another online shopping app that offers a wide range of products, including food and beverages, health and beauty products, and electronics. It offers free shipping and cash on delivery options. (Google Play)

Keep in mind that some of these apps may only be available in certain cities or regions in Thailand, so be sure to check if they operate in your area before downloading.

Having Problems Getting Thai Apps in Your Store?

One trick we’ve found super helpful is to set up a new Gmail account while you are in Thailand, and link to your temporary Thai SIM. It takes only a moment then you can log into the Play Store and get apps which are only available in Thailand.

Best Tourist Sim in Phuket

Speaking of which, if you are looking to buy a Thai SIM card in Phuket to stay connected, the options include:

  • AIS Tourist Sim
  • dtac Happy Tourist Sim
  • Tru Move H Thailand Tourist Sim

These can all be purchased as you arrive in to Phuket Airport or are transferrable from other parts of Thailand. You could also look into eSIM options which can be digitally purchased before you arrive and use the dtac network.

You can find our complete guide to Thai SIM cards here.

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