Best Time To Visit Phuket: 2024 & Beyond

by Mama Loves Phuket

Has anyone been telling you, “Oh you can’t visit Phuket then; it’s off-season”.

Truth be told, there’s no “off-season” in Phuket. The island doesn’t shut its doors, and everyone hunker down for six months. Life on the island of Phuket goes on regardless of the weather – very broadly split wet season and dry season as you’re in the tropics.

There are, of course, more pleasant seasons to visit if your heart is set on long sunny days at the beach and less chance of travel plans being interrupted.

Let’s take a look at exactly what to expect in terms of climate and how the wet season may impact – but certainly not stop – your travel plans.

Average Temperatures in Phuket

Yes, here are the average monthly highs and lows for temperature in Phuket:

MonthAverage HighAverage LowHumidity %UV IndexRainfall
January31°C (88°F)23°C (73°F)73%9 very high36 mm
February32°C (90°F)23°C (73°F)70%10 very high38 mm
March33°C (91°F)24°C (75°F)70%11 extreme78 mm
April33°C (91°F)25°C (77°F)75%11 extreme168 mm
May 32°C (90°F)25°C (77°F)81%11 extreme316 mm
June31°C (88°F)25°C (77°F)85%10 very high238 mm
July31°C (88°F)25°C (77°F)85%10 very high260 mm
August31°C (88°F)25°C (77°F)85%10 very high292 mm
September30°C (86°F)24°C (75°F)85%9 very high332 mm
October30°C (86°F)24°C (75°F)85%8 high369 mm
November31°C (88°F)24°C (75°F)83%8 high241 mm
December31°C (88°F)23°C (73°F)80%8 high94 mm
  • Note that these temperatures are averages, and the actual temperatures can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors. Additionally, the humidity in Phuket can make the weather feel warmer than the temperature suggests.

We delve into a lot more detail about the weather and activities that occur around Phuket in our monthly guides:

Average Humidity in Phuket

You will also want to balance the average temperature in Phuket with the average humidity. Being a tropical monsoon climate, the humidity can significantly change the “feels like” temperature to be many degrees warmer and explains why you feel so hot and sweaty.

The average monthly humidity in Phuket ranges from around 70% to 90%. Here is a breakdown of the average monthly humidity levels in Phuket:

  • January: 73%
  • February: 70%
  • March: 70%
  • April: 75%
  • May: 81%
  • June: 85%
  • July: 85%
  • August: 85%
  • September: 85%
  • October: 85%
  • November: 83%
  • December: 80%

It’s important to note that humidity levels can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors, and these are just averages. Additionally, the high humidity in Phuket can make the weather feel hotter and more uncomfortable than the temperature suggests, especially during the hot season from March to May.

Staying hydrated and taking precautions against heat and humidity-related illnesses is always a good idea.

With the driest and the least humid months falling from January to March, these are the best months for those averse to the heat to visit.

Rainfall in Phuket

The following information shows the average monthly rainfall in Phuket, Thailand, by month, based on data from the Thai Meteorological Department:

  • January: 36 mm
  • February: 38 mm
  • March: 78 mm
  • April: 168 mm
  • May: 316 mm
  • June: 238 mm
  • July: 260 mm
  • August: 292 mm
  • September: 332 mm
  • October: 369 mm
  • November: 241 mm
  • December: 94 mm

Source: Thai Meteorological Department (

More Frequently Asked Questions About Phuket’s Climate

What is the coldest month in Phuket?

The air temperature in Phuket does not vary much throughout the year, though January is the coolest month, where the average temperatures reach 31°C (88°F) and humidity is at its lowest.

Is Phuket’s weather unpredictable?

Yes! There is a distinct rainy and dry season; however, it can still rain even in the ‘dry season’, and you can have brilliant sunny spells in the wet season.

What is the sunniest month in Phuket?

For the best chance of clear sunny skies all day, you should visit Phuket in April. Just be mindful that as the heat rises towards the end of the dry season, so does the humidity.

Does Phuket rain every day?

Phuket rains almost every day during the wet season, from May to October. This usually does not involve non-stop rain all day, rather rainy spells and thunderstorms will roll by throughout the day and night.

Does Phuket get typhoons?

Due to Phuket’s location in the Andaman Sea, the weather in Phuket is mostly mild and the island tends to miss typhoons and tropical storms that occur in neighbouring southeast Asian countries.

What are the wettest months in Phuket?

Phuket receives its heaviest rainfall during September and October.

There is no one best time to go to Phuket, as some prefer the perfect beach weather from January to March, whilst others think the best season to visit Phuket is when the crowds are gone, but the chances of rain can be high. Use our month-by-month guides to work out the best time to come to Phuket.

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