Emergency Numbers in Phuket

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In case of emergency, tourists can dial 1669, the national emergency number in Thailand, to request an ambulance. For other emergency situations, read on, as tourists should be aware of several different emergency and helpline numbers when visiting Phuket, Thailand.

It’s important to note that English may not be widely spoken by emergency operators, so it’s helpful to know some basic Thai phrases have a local or someone who speaks Thai to assist with communication in case of an emergency.

It’s also imperative to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and hospitalization while travelling in Thailand, as medical expenses can be costly should the worst happen during your trip.

Here are some important emergency services numbers to know in Thailand:

Medical Emergency Numbers in Phuket

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – 1669

This is the national emergency medical service number in Thailand. It can be used to request an ambulance or emergency medical assistance.

For localised services in Phuket, try the following hospitals:

Phuket International Hospital Ambulance Service+66 (0)76 210 935
Phuket International Hospital, Bypass Road+66 (0)76 249 400
Patong Hospital+66 (0)76 344 225 or (0)76 342 633 ext 4
Ruan Paet Hospital, Phuket Town+66 (0)76 211 578, (0)76 212 950 or (0)76 216 179
Vachira Hospital, Phuket Town+66 (0)76 211 114 or (0)76 217 294 ext 8
Mission Hospital, Phuket Town+66 (0)76 237 220 ext 6 or (0)76 211 908
Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket Town+66 (0)76 254 421
dialing from overseas, drop the first 0

For decompression sickness and other diving concerns, contact:

Diving Recompression Chambers+66 (0)76 342 518
Hyperbaric Services+66 (0)89 871 2335

Other Emergency Services in Phuket/Thailand

Police – 191

This is the national emergency number for the police in Thailand. It can be used to report a crime or request police assistance.

Fire – 199

This is the national emergency number for the fire department in Thailand. It can be used to report a fire or request assistance with a fire-related emergency.

Marine Rescue – 1196

This number can be used to request marine rescue services or assistance for emergencies that occur at sea.

Phuket Tourist Rescue Centre (PTRC) +66 (0)76 383 907 (ext 9)

Coordination between emergency services land and sea rescues.

Other Travel Services And Government Agencies

Phuket International Airport+66 (0)76 327 230 ext 7
Phuket Bus Terminal+66 (0)76 211 480
Phuket Tourist Police (non-emergency)1155 or +66 (0)76 219 878
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)+66 (0)76 212 213
 Immigration Authority+66 (0)76 351 108
Customs+66 (0)76 211 105

Consulates and Embassies

Not all overseas governments have diplomatic offices in Phuket, you will find most are only in Bangkok, with the following exceptions:

Australia +66 (0)76 372 600
China+66 (0)76 304 180
France+66 (0)76 273 511
Germany+66 (0)26 610 407
Italy+66 (0)88 761 2637
Netherlands+66 (0)76 304 096
Norway+66 (0)76 237 156
Republic of Korea+66 (0)76 234 452
Russia +66 (0)76 284 767
United Kingdom+66 (0)76 318 188

We are continually adding to this list of resources. Do drop us a comment if you are aware of any other emergency numbers that should be on our list of emergency contacts in Phuket.

More on Safety in Phuket

Although Phuket is considered a “safe” place to vacation with your family, you may understandably have some concerns and reservations if you are new to travelling to this part of the world. To help give you some assurances, you may also like to read next:

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